vaginal dilators

vaginal dilators

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vaginal dilators in kuwait

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A vaginal dialtor in an  instrument used to treat some medicale issues.


  • each set includes five graduated dilators , a universal handle and a lubricant.
  • these are used by physical therapist and gynecologist in the treatment of vaginismus , dyspareunia , and othe vaginal conditions.
  • dilators are for individual use only.

Directions before use:

  •  Wash and cleanse the dilators well with a mild, fragrance-free soap and warm water
  •  Begin by testing the smaller size Vaginal Dilators to see which size you are comfortable inserting.
  •  Place a small amount of natural water-based personal lubricant at the tip of the dilator

Using Instructions:

  • Gently insert the end of the dilator smoothly into the entrance of the vagina when you feel ready to do so.
  •  Make sure that the dilator shaft is inserted only as deeply as is comfortable for you
  • keep it inside for few minutes as your doctor instructed.
  • it may need time and practice to insert dilator completely.
  • if you notice any spots of blood , stop using the dilator and consult your doctor.
  • after removing the dilator wash with hot water and wash with every usage.
  • High quality
  • Made in USA.
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