Green test ECO 5

Green test ECO 5

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  • This device accurately detects dangerous nitrate content in more than 60 types of fruits and vegetables as well as background radiation and radiation levels of a particular object .
  • Eating food with high nitrate contents or being situated in high radioactivity area heightens the risk of serious diseases .
  • Check your food for nitrates within 3 seconds or the radiation within 10 seconds .
  • This will show you whether your food nitrate level is under a healthy control level.
  • This will guide you and your families a healthy eating.
  • As too much nitrate intake to your body can cause many body problems such as nitrate poisoning and cancer etc.

How to use :

  • choose a fruit or vegetable
  • insert the probe and press start test.
  • read the results within 3 seconds .
  • the radiation check will start immediately when you turn the device on with results displayed on the screen and indicated by sound .
  • the maximum daily intake of nitrates and radiation standards are recommended by WHO.

Designed by ANMEZ in Russia

Assembled in China.


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