lansinoh compact single electric pump

lansinoh compact single electric pump

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The Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump is ideal for regular expression, offering a quick and easy pumping experience and giving mums a choice between different adjustable settings for optimum comfort and efficient milk production.

The breast pump is designed to mimic baby’s natural breastfeeding pattern, featuring 2 phases – phase 1 (Let-Down) which initiates milk flow through rapid suction, while phase 2 (Expression) maximises milk flow through slower, deeper suction.

The Let down button facilitates an easy transition between the two phases and mum can further tailor each phase to her comfort by selecting one of six adjustable suction levels. The pump’s LED indicator enables mum to easily identify the phase she is in as well as the selected suction level. The new ComfortFit’ soft silicone breast cushion ensures a secure seal & comfortable fit resulting in more efficient pumping.

Easy to assemble and clean, the pump has a closed design to guarantee hygiene – no milk will ever enter the tubing, which means that there is no need to clean the tubing. Mums can plug the Lansinoh Single Electric Breast Pump into the mains for those days when they are at home, or use it with batteries when they are on the go. The pack includes a sealing disc enabling mums to easily store their breastmilk and a NaturalWave Teat clinically proven to help maintain established breastfeeding patterns.

Part of Lansinoh’s compatible pump-store-feed solution.

Made in Thailand.

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